Q1: When trades are placed thru QUANT2TT interface, how do       firms enforce risk controls?

Risk controls are enforced by TT software, and hence trades placed using QUANT2TT go thru TT's risk control module.

Q2: When trades are placed thru QUANT2TT interface, can firms       cancel or modify those trades from out-side of QUANT2TT?

Yes. Firms can use TT's X_Trader GUI application to monitor and modify trades originally placed using QUANT2TT

Q3: In order to use QUANT2TT, does the firm using TT software       need to license TT's FIX adapter software in addition to TT's       X_Trader software?

Yes. In its current implementation, QUANT2TT is implemented using TT's FIX adapter, and hence firms need a licence of TT's FIX adapter.

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