Q1: What is the purpose of QUANT2IB software product?

This product can be used to implement automated trading systems using MATLAB®, connecting to Interactive Brokers(IB) Trader WorkStation(TWS). That means, the user must be a registered user with Interactive Brokers, and also need a MATLAB® licence.

Traditionally, professional freelance traders use MATLAB® to perform
historical or realtime market data analysis, and based on the analysis they would use IB TWS to place orders manually. Now, using QUANT2IB software product, traders can place orders from within MATLAB®, without having to placeorders manually. This will eliminate unnecessary delays and help write and test proprietary trading algorithms very easy.

Q2: How do I write automated trading systems using QUANT2IB
      software product?

This product provides a set of MATLAB® based API functions. Follow the following simple steps to build a trading system

1. Use connect2TWS and open connection to IB TWS

2. Use reqMktData and request to receive realtime market data for a particular symbol. Then, use one of the market data fuctions like getBidPrice, getAskPrice or getLastPrice.

3. Use placeOrder function to place an order. Use other Order Management API functions like either to cancel the order (cancelOrder function) or to check if the order is filled (isOrderFilled function)

4. At the end of the program, use disconnectFromTWS function to disconnect and end the program.

Q3: What is the price and payment options for the software?
      What kind of support is provided?

For individual traders, single user licence price is $599 USD per year.
We prefer payment via PayPal. It is safe and fast. In case of issues please contact us at info@exchangeapi.com

During the year the following support is provided.

1. Provide support in fixing any QUANT2IB software bugs

2. In case IB changes its API in a way that requires QUANT2IB
software changes, these upgrades will be provided at no charge.

3. Additional payment is required if you require any new functionality to be developed.

Q4: Does the product support automatic handling of pupups
      from IB TWS?

Yes. We provide MATLAB® functions to support this feature. Please refer to TWS Startup section of documentation.

Q5: How do I install the software?

1.Please extract all the contents of the Zip file into a single folder

2.Type the following command in the MATLAB® command window.

edit classpath.txt

3. Inside the classpath.txt file add the directory name followed by

ibclient.jar For example c:\trading\ibclient.jar assuming you have

unzipped the files to the C:\trading folder...

4. Please make sure that you checked the option of enable activex and socket clients in the Configure..>API..>Enable Activex and Socket Clients
in the TWS window


5A)Open IBController.ini and type in your IB login ID under IbLoginID

5B)Get the encrypted password by using the file encryptIBPassword


5C)Copy the resulting IB password into the IBcontroller.ini file

under Ibpassword

5D)Set the directory where the TWS is installed...Usually C:\\JTS

5E)Please set the auto close down and time of close according to your Convenience

5F)Save the file

Type Autostart at the command window.

This brings up an MS-DOS window which would run along with the TWS.

The script will automatically login and presses OK to any pop ups that might appear.

5G)Type Connect2TWS. When the value returned is 1, then the connection has been established between IB TWS and MATLAB®.

5H)Continuous Checking of the connection can be made by testing for

isIBTWSConnectionLost. If the value is 1, then the connection is

LOST, Otherwise, IB TWS and MATLAB® are still connected.


start the IB TWS and login

Type connect2TWS and wait for 15 seconds

Press YES for the pop up button

You should see connected=1 in the command window

From then on you can use the commands given in the ToolBox

Please take a look at the link sample usage usage of various function in the toolbox.

Trade with IB using MATLAB®

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